Where To Buy Fantasia E Hookah Pens?

There are still very little places that you can find the Fantasia E Hookah pens, and if you do happen to find them, you may notice that they’re quite expensive. How expensive? Up to $16.00 per pen. For those of you who are used to paying that price for an e hookah pen may not be surprised, but if you’re a deal hunter, you’ll know that there are better prices out there.

HazyShop offers Fantasia E Hookah pens at a discounted price, you can find the 10 pack for $70.95. So each pen will cost you $7.00, which is more than 50% off retail price.

You may be asking yourself whether or not these pens are even worth the $7.00. Each pen comes with 800 puffs (10 PENS = 8000 PUFFS), premium blister packaging, and is well designed. The flavors offered by Fantasia are all very unique, and you will not be able to find these flavors anywhere else!

You have to try it to believe it!

Click here to be linked to HazyShop


Fantasia E Hookah All Flavors

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