Are Fantasia E Hookah Pens Safe To Use?

Fantasia e hookah pens are one of the most popular e hookah pens available on the market. There is no surprise that it is so popular. It comes with premium packaging, design, and has very unique flavors. But are they safe to use?

Yes, Fantasia E Hookah pens are indeed safe to use. They contain no nicotine and no chemicals. What is inside the pen is a fruit juice. When you inhale, an atomizer heats up the fruit juice turning it into flavored vapor. It does no harm to you. We cannot say the same for e cigs that do contain nicotine.

Are there any other concerns with e hookah pens?

No, generally they have a safety feature that stops the coil from heating if you inhale for too long. This prevents the pen from overheating. Most e hookah pens will come with this feature. Additionally, these pens will not heat up on it’s own in your pocket. 

Should you use e hookah pens as a smoking alternative?

You can do that. However, Fantasia e hookah pens do not contain any nicotine. 

Fantasia E Hookah Magic Dragon Premium Shisha

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